make buildworld - cross compiling error

Danny Braniss danny at
Thu Jan 12 07:20:33 PST 2006

	I have been using Freebsd 5.4/i386 to 'make build*' to cross build
i386/amd64 5.4/6.0.

So now im trying to use FreeBSD 6.0/amd64 to do the same.
it's failing when:
setenv MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX /r+d/obj/bsd
cd /r+d/5.4/src
make -j2 TARGET_ARCH=i386 buildworld

i think the problem is somewhere here:
crunchgen: make error: "/usr/share/mk/", line 36: warning: NOLINT 
is deprecated in favor of NO_LINT

btw, without the -j2 it works ok.


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