FreeBSD on Intel Macs?

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Wed Jan 11 17:54:33 PST 2006

Julian Elischer wrote:
> David Leimbach wrote:
>> On 1/11/06, *Julian Elischer* <julian at 
>> <mailto:julian at>> wrote:
>>     alan bryan wrote:
>>     >I read that the new Intel (x86) Macs use EFI rather
>>     >than the traditional PC Bios to boot up.  I'm
>>     >interested in using one of these to multiboot OS X and
>>     >FreeBSD and am wondering if it is yet known to work or
>>     >not.  Do any changes need to be made to FreeBSD or
>>     >should it work out of the box? Thanks for any insight
>>     >and I know that it may be impossible to fully answer
>>     >until people get their hands on the hardware but I
>>     >just wanted to start thinking about the possibilities.
>>     >
>>     >
>>     well if they can boot Darwin I'm sure they can be hacked to boot
>>     FreeBSD.
>>     It would probabty require a different bootloader binary.
>> I don't see what booting Darwin has to do with booting FreeBSD.
> If they were bastards they could refuse to load anything that wasn't 
> in some format or didn't
> decrypt with some public key. I doubt they wouod do that but since 
> they control the
> horizontal and the vertical they COULD do it.
> It is possible that the boot loader sequence may require a stage that 
> is in some format
> supported by the apple firmware, depending on how wired down they have 
> made it.

Indeed. But why even bother? We have enough Intel hardware already. The 
challenge should be porting the OS to run on any x86 hw, not the 
hardware to other OS's.

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