Trendnet TEW-424UB usb wireless card & ndis driver

Don Bowman don at
Thu Jan 5 18:53:10 PST 2006

I'm on 6.0 release

I ran ndisgen SiS163u.INF SiS163u.sys

and then loaded the resulting driver. However, i get missing symbols
when i load it:

no match for InterlockedCompareExchange
no match for KeSetPriorityThread
no match for KeGetCurrentThread
no match for USBD_ParseConfigurationDescriptorEx
no match for USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx

It appears that at least the first one i could add to the compat/ndis
code, but i'm not really sure on the others.

Has anyone used the TEW-424UB in some other way? Or has anyone run into
these missing symbols when using ndis and come up with a solution?


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