Disappearing memory

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On Thu, 05 Jan 2006 23:02:53 -0700 (MST)
"M. Warner Losh" <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:

> In message: <17341.65102.980006.14057 at canoe.dclg.ca>
>             David Gilbert <dgilbert at dclg.ca> writes:
> : Maybe what we need is 'usbcontrol' ... allowing us to reset (or at
> : least reset the OSs idea of) one usb device.
> I've wanted a generic way to send messages to busses about children
> and to devices.  PC Card and CardBus could use that for power down as
> well..

If you aren't going to write it yourself, feel free to write up a
(plain-text) entry for http://www.FreeBSD.org/projects/ideas/ and send
it to us.


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