Fast releases demand binary updates.. (Was: Release schedule for 2006 )

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Fri Jan 6 03:50:26 PST 2006

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 21:53, Jo Rhett wrote:
> > you mean? Are you claiming someone from (or claiming to be from core)
> > said "Don't do this, we won't allow it"? If so, can you supply proof?
> I used to write a lot of patches to freebsd.  I used to submit a lot of bug
> reports.  I've found over the years that unless you have gotten
> pre-agreement from others about the nature of the patch, or agreement to
> focus on the problem, neither one amounts to a hill of beans.  Installation
> problems that existed in 4.4 are still alive and well in the 6.0 installer,
> for example.

That is not my experience.

> How FreeBSD "works" is by getting someone in the core team to care about
> the issue.  No amount of problem reports, patches or code will generate
> even a millimeter of movement otherwise.

You are mistaking core@ for developers at ..
Like I've said before, core is largely irrelevant in FreeBSD when it comes to 
deciding what stuff gets added.

> I've written far too much code for various freebsd problems, and it has
> always been ignored.  Not rejected, ignored.  Unless someone with commit
> rights thinks it's a good idea, writing code for freebsd is a waste of
> time.

Yes.. and those people AREN'T CORE. Please, please stop confusing your terms, 
it makes the discussion much harder than it needs to be.

You ARE right if what you mean is that "We need interested committers to help 
thrash out a system for making upgrades simpler".

I imagine there are a few committers interested, but I'd say you need to ask 
the right way first..

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