Disappearing memory

David Gilbert dgilbert at dclg.ca
Thu Jan 5 21:21:29 PST 2006

For some time, my answer to disappearing memory has been to always
unplug the USB device before removing (or inserting different) memory
cards.  The issue is that they seem to not signal the USB
infrastructure that they have been ejected, and thus the operating
system doesn't know.  In fact, most "x in 1" card readers --- ones
that read many types of memory --- actually attach a bunch of disks
with zero blocks in addition to attaching the memory card you have
inserted --- as if they have the capability of simutaneously handling
all different kinds of memory (although they often don't).

So this seems like an acceptable solution.  Until now.

Now that I have a Dell 2405 flat panel display on my desk (gorgeous,
BTW), I have a permanently attached cluster of memory card slots.
Sure ... I can grope around behind things, find the usb cord for the
monitor, but that's very ungraceful and ends up unplugging any other
USB devices that go through the monitor (thus causing all kinds of

So I set about tonight to see if I could convince camcontrol to
realize that one of the previously full disks was now empty again.  It
doesn't seem that I can.

Maybe what we need is 'usbcontrol' ... allowing us to reset (or at
least reset the OSs idea of) one usb device.


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