dhclient ignoring link on wi0

David Gilbert dgilbert at dclg.ca
Wed Jan 4 09:34:31 PST 2006

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Leffler <sam at errno.com> writes:

Sam> There are many people capable of dealing with these issues but
Sam> most are smart enough to recognize that there is little to be
Sam> gained by hacking on a driver for hardware that is out of date
Sam> and can be replaced for the price of a cheap dinner.

Well I care.  People are still producing prism based high power router
cards (400 mW and better).  I was looking at some today.  To be a
serious router OS, I see wi support as important for a few more
years.  Also ... do to spotty support, buying a new card for FreeBSD
is difficult.  While I might pay only $50 or so for a new card,
finding a compatible one is difficult (mostly due to vendor

Neither has ATH been good to me.  I was an early ATH adopter --- I
still have an early ATH mini-pci in my laptop.  Lately I havn't been
able to figure out how to give it an encryption key ... the ifconfig
(in 6.0-STABLE) refuses.  It's always had some sort of bug that dropps
the odd packet.  I've never really figured it out ... I just run local
web proxies.  I'm somewhat happy to have an intel a/b/g card arriving
with my new laptop.

Anyways... I'm game.  I have a test system (I'll have to find a disk
for it) and I have a PCI prism.  I also have severl pccard prisms to
test with, should that be required.  While I don't have fancy new
hardware to play with, I have a goodly collection of old hardware.

Anyone have some notes before I dive in?


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