usb mouse support update plans

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Wed Jan 4 07:02:39 PST 2006

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> On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 13:17:56 +0200
> Dalius Dobravolskas <dalius.dobravolskas at> wrote:
>> 3) The device reported itself as keyboard and algorithm does not check
>> for mouse; It must be checked it is just my guess ;) Brian, could you
>> try to remove ukbd from kernel in this case and look if mouse is
>> found?
> Maxime (CCed) is working on porting the uhidev part from NetBSD. This is
> supposed to fix those problems (at least if I read the symptoms
> correctly).
> Bill, the problem is that some combi-devices don't meet the
> expectations of FreeBSD. AFAIK they report one device with 2 functions
> while FreeBSD currently needs 2 devices to work as expected.

I'll try that and everything BP said when I get home tonight.
Thanks for giving me something _to_ do.

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