dhclient ignoring link on wi0

David Gilbert dgilbert at dclg.ca
Tue Jan 3 16:03:24 PST 2006

>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at Leidinger.net> writes:

[various problems with wi, deleted]

Alexander> The problem is, that the wi driver isn't ported to the
Alexander> current WLAN infrastructure. There's no documentation
Alexander> available for the WLAN infrastructure, so you have to read
Alexander> the source (the ath driver is the de-facto reference driver
Alexander> for the WLAN stuff), search the net and if nothing helps,
Alexander> ask sam at FreeBSD.org some well thought questions.

I also thought that someone might have comments about a wi0 as an
access point.  This used to work, but all clients (even windoze) seem
to loose association every 20 to 40 minutes (although the timing is
random it seems).

Alexander> If you have the time and energy to have a look at porting
Alexander> the wi driver to (at least parts of) the current WLAN
Alexander> framework, all wi users would appreciate some patches...

Not that I'm afraid of development, but I'm unfamilliar with the
difference between the revisions of acceptable wifi behaviour.


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