FreeBSD handles leapsecond correctly

Peter Jeremy PeterJeremy at
Mon Jan 2 22:37:02 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-Jan-02 17:45:08 -0800, Rich Wales wrote:
>Peter Jeremy wrote:
>>Islam has its own calendar (with a particularly painful Leap Year
>>calculation that gives very marginally more accuracy than the
>Are you perhaps thinking about the Iranian (Persian) calendar here?

Having checked, it seems I mis-remembered (it was an article I read
some years ago and I was certain that the author claimed that it
was Islamic).  Looking at the Iranian calendar, it matches the
leap year configuration I recalled.

>The Islamic calendar, AFAIK, is a 12-month lunar calendar which makes
>=no= attempt whatsoever to stay in sync with the seasons.

The Islamic calendar (at least the concensus from some googling)
appears to have 11 leap years in a 30 (lunar) year cycle - and it
seems that there isn't even general agreement on which years are leap

>>I'm not sure how the Chinese, Hindu, Japanese and Jewish calendars
>>handle leap years.
>The Jewish calendar uses a 13th lunar month un seven out of every 19
>years.  Additionally, some months can have either 29 or 30 days,
>depending on complex calculations.

Compared to which, the Gregorian calendar appears quite sane :-).

I'll stick by my assertion that the easiest solution is to move the
earth and moon into orbits that have periods that are an integral
number of days.

Peter Jeremy

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