Kernel panics when Atheros card plugged in.

Anton Karpov toxahost at
Mon Jan 2 11:30:30 PST 2006

I can confirm it with atheros-based Orinoco 8470-wd! I've got kernel panic
since last days of december. With a little bit earlier kernel builds (a mid
of december, I thought), card works well but kismet fails to work with it.
Now, I'm getting panic inserting it into cardbus slot...

: Same here, though I got the kernel panic at boot when I had inserted
> during
> : the boot.  The panic was in cardbus_read_tuple() also.  I can post the
> : hand scribed trace to anyone interested if necessary.
> No need.  I have the card here, and it fails too.  All my other cards
> work, but the atheros card is the only one that stores the CIS in a
> bar that I have (I'm sure that others do as well, but they aren't in
> the 10 cards I grabbed to test with).  This appears to be resource
> related in some way, since it appears that we're getting a resource of
> '0' back.  I'm trying to debug it now.

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