Simplified Steps for Building a Loadable module on -CURRENT

Stefan Bethke stb at
Wed Aug 30 22:26:36 UTC 2006

Am 31.08.2006 um 00:12 schrieb David Christensen:

> I've been able to successfully build drivers in the past as
> loadable modules but I'm getting some kernel panics with -CURRENT
> when installing a module using kldload now where things used to
> work before.

You did nuke /usr/obj, performed a full kernel build (cd /usr/src;  
make buildkernel installkernel), and the module in question that was  
installed alongside your new kernel is *not* panicking the system?

Then what's the panic message, and how exactly are you building your  

> Assume I'm a complete FreeBSD noob for a moment
> (which really isn't that far from the truth) and I want to build
> a driver as a loadable module for testing.  After moving to
> the appropriate directory in the source tree (/usr/src/sys/dev/XXX),
> what steps do I need to follow to build the driver as a module?

That would be /usr/src/sys/modules/<modulename>

So far, just running make there has worked for me just fine.

> Assume for the moment that I have already commented the driver out
> of my kernel configuration file
> (/usr/src/sys/<architecture>/conf/GENERIC)
> and rebuilt and installed that kernel.

If the driver has been compiled into the kernel, kldload will error  
out with EEXISTS. If the system panics, you should provide specifics.

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