[sam@fqdn.net: bce0 watchdog timeout errors]

David Christensen davidch at broadcom.com
Tue Aug 29 21:34:15 UTC 2006

> I see looking through the archives that Julian Elischer has reported
> something *vaguely* similar to my problems described in the attached
> message to this list, so I thought I'd join in.
> Julian reports a problem when the bce interface is 
> disconnected and then
> reconnected under load, and never comes back until all load 
> is removed,
> while reporting watchdog timeout errors.
> I see something rather like this (details in the attached message
> (hopefully the attachment will survive :))), but without physically
> disconnecting the cable.
> I am wondering if I'm actually seeing the same problem, but 
> that rather
> than the cable being unplugged, it's something like the interface
> resetting on our (old, 100Mb/s) switch resetting and triggering this.
> Thought it was worth offering another data point.  I'm 
> running the most
> recent version of the bce driver with the changes to fix the 'mbuf'
> errors.

A change was recently added to bge (r1.140) to address some issues
with locking in the driver when performing PHY accesses which was 
also causing watchdog timeout errors.  I need to look at those
changes and see if they are applicable to the bce driver as well, 
though I've been having problems loading both bge and bce as
modules on -CURRENT (causes a panic).  If I can get past the module
problem I'll look at the bge change soon.


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