Problems of New Linuxulator I Have Known

Divacky Roman xdivac02 at
Fri Aug 25 18:10:38 UTC 2006

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 11:14:44PM +0800, Intron is my alias on the Internet wrote:
> 1. Many options of clone(2) are not correctly implemented, some of
>    which may cause application crash when it wants to clone
>    memory-independent process.
> 2. TLS (Thread Local Storage) support in clone(2), set_thread_area(2)
>    and get_thread_area(2) doesn't conform to Linux 2.6.x, which can
>    damage stack of Linux application using NPTL (Native  POSIX  Threads
>    Library).
>    Of course, to obtain the conformation, FreeBSD native GDT must be
>    rearranged. But Linux NPTL is quite essential for modern Linux
>    applications.

what do you mean that doesnt conform? TLS in linux is implemented using
GDT. the only difference between fbsd and linux I can think of is that
linux supports 3 gdt entries while fbsd just one.

> 3. wakeup_one(9) instead of wakeup(9) should be used for futex(2) to
>    wake up a single sleeping thread.

yes... I agree

> 4. Some options of clock_gettime(2) actually can be implemented, though
>    FreeBSD native implementation is different from Linux's.

I might look at it

> 5. Code style problems: member naming of structure, macro naming,
>    function naming, encapsulation for queue(3) and so on.

in my code or in the imported code?

> In a word, may ORACLE 10g for Linux be able to run under FreeBSD soon.

nice :)

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