How to change kernel version?

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Fri Aug 25 15:14:37 UTC 2006

Yuan, Jue wrote:
> Hi all.
> Could I change the kernel version tag manually? say, I have a kernel which is 
> 7.0-CUREENT, but for some reasons I wanna it be something like 6.1-RELEASE, 
> while the kernel itself does't change from 7.0-CURRENT to 6.1-RELEASE. All I 
> want is the change of tag. For example, if this works, then when I 
> type "uname -a" in console, I would get "6.1-RELEASE ..." instead 
> of "7.0-CURRENT ...".
> I guess some config files in src/sys/ could take care of this. But I cannot 
> find it out. Anybody knows how to get this job done?
> Any ideas are really appreciated. :-)
> BTW: I am not in this list. So if you reply, please CC a copy to me. Thanks.

Changing the represented release name is not a generally wise idea.  You
may also want to modify sys/sys/param.h, consult the FreeBSD Porters'
Handbook for more details.

If you just want to cheat uname(1) and/or sysctl(8), perhaps renaming
them to _uname and _sysctl and use some sort of _uname $@ | sed -e
s/`_uname -r`/6.1-RELEASE/g trick will do.  This also applies to the
rc.d motd script, which uses uname(1) to determine the current FreeBSD
version.  This trick is less intrusive, but have no effect if your
application read the version themselves, e.g. the build process of
python, etc.

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