[HEADS UP]: OpenLDAP+nss_ldap+nss_modules separated patch and more (SoC)

LI Xin delphij at delphij.net
Tue Aug 22 06:20:24 UTC 2006

Michael Bushkov wrote:
> [snip]
> OpenLDAP + rewritten-from-scratch nss_ldap + nsswitch with separate
> shared nss-modules patch.
> Patch for -current:
> http://www.rsu.ru/~bushman/soc2006/openldap_merged.diff
> Nss_ldap was rewritten to be under BSD license and to support FreeBSD
> specific issues, like pw_class field of struct passwd. It supports
> rfc2307 and have nss_ldap.conf file similar to PADL's nss_ldap. To
> have it in the tree, OpenLDAP was also needed to be placed in the tree.
> Separation of nss-modules from libc makes libc more lightweight, and
> makes nsswitch much more general and flexible. It also adds the
> 'perform-actual-lookups' option support in the caching daemon (cached)
> for all nsswitch databases. From the developer point of view, one can
> effectively use nsdispatch(3) anywhere (not only in libc). That was
> impossible before.

Great work!

Would you please consider having the imported OpenLDAP to install shared
objects under alternative names?  It might be painful for users who
wants OpenLDAP installation from the ports collection (as OpenLDAP team
moves fast and fixes bug from time to time) if they get a same library
in /usr/lib...


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