Dell PowerEdge 850 bge(4) RELENG_6 (WAS: Re: bge(4) problem)

Lars Erik Gullerud lerik at
Thu Aug 17 11:03:36 UTC 2006

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Brian A. Seklecki wrote:

> If I leave it in auto-media, it comes up at 100/half duplex, which leads to 
> unusable performance.  100/half duplex is technically impossible anyway.

I noticed this claim earlier in the thread, just to clear up the 
apparent confusion, 100/half is not just technically possible, but (was) 
quite widely used. Before switches became as cheap and widespread as they 
are now, 100Mbit Hubs were not uncommon.

Even 1000/Half is technically valid (and gigabit hubs do exist, allthough 
they never became very popular). The first standard to abandon support for 
half-duplex CSMA/CD operation is 10-gig Ethernet.


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