Samba problem

Carlos Silva security at
Tue Aug 15 12:38:37 UTC 2006

   Patrick Lamaizière is right, using this command as-it-is, the share
   can be mounted.
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Carlos Silva, CSilva
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   Patrick Lamaizière escreveu:

Le mardi 15 août 2006 13:37, Divacky Roman a écrit :


On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 02:17:35PM +0400, Roman Streltsov wrote:

Hi all,

I am using samba-3.0.21b,1 succefully on 6.1-RELEASE-p3 box without any

my problem is that I am not able to MOUNT shares on 6.1R... its not
problem with samba not working etc.

No problem here (with a mount_smbfs -I host -W workgroup "//....") on
6.1-RELEASE or 6.1-STABLE for clients.
The (very basic) samba server runs 6.1-RELEASE.
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