CFT: ipw driver update

Sam Leffler sam at
Fri Aug 11 04:27:32 UTC 2006

If you use ipw please try a new version at:

This code should work with wpa_supplicant, recognize beacon miss (i.e.
roam), implement the rfkill radio switch, etc.  It should work on both

There are still some rough edges as the ipw firmware has some quirks but
I believe it's an improvement over what's in the tree.  Beware of bugs;
it's only been lightly tested.

Note that you'll need the ipw firmware packaged as modules.  This is the
way things are in HEAD but not RELENG_6.  The ipw-firmware-kmod port
currently won't allow installation on a RELENG_6 system; you'll need to
defeat the check in the Makefile to install the necessary firmware.

If you hit issues please try to collect a debug log by setting

sysctl debug.ipw=1

(or higher if needed); msgs go to the console.


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