Current ATA driver problem.

Darren Pilgrim darren.pilgrim at
Thu Aug 10 21:12:08 UTC 2006

Søren Schmidt wrote:
> initial.x wrote:
>> My freebsd machine not detect second IDE driver.(recently)
>> ( I use intel 975 chipset. )
>> Second IDE driver is JMicron JBM361.
>> Freebsd support second IDE driver ago.
>> I can't use second IDE driver now.
>> Temporary use 6.1-release ata driver in HEAD
>> ( this way can use second driver )
>> ata driver(HEAD) something change?
> Yes lots has changed in -currents ATA, backport is planned later.
> Just use /sys/sys/ata.h and /sys/dev/ata/* from -current and you'll be 
> fine until then.

I think he was saying that the JBM361 was supported in 6.1, but it's not 
supported in -current.

Darren Pilgrim

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