Looks like threading is b0rken on FreeBSD/powerpc

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at xcllnt.net
Wed Aug 2 23:04:07 UTC 2006

On Aug 2, 2006, at 3:44 PM, Maxim Sobolev wrote:

> Hi,
> Apparently threading is b0rken on the FreeBSD/powerpc - csup(8)  
> dumps core with seg 11. The same csup(8) version compiled on 6.0  
> works just fine on the same 7-CURRENT kernel.
> Unfortunately lack of gdb doesn't allow to extract backtrace out of  
> core file.
> Any ideas?

I can't say anything about the threading bug, but I can say this:

I'm working on gdb-6.5, which involves implementing debugger support
for threaded applications other than i386 and amd64. I'd like it to
include PowerPC support as well, but that requires some additional
work because there's no PowerPC support yet. I could use some help
with the ABI details. If the problem of no debugger is addressed,
you will be able to look into the threading bug and maybe fix it
without much pain...


  Marcel Moolenaar         USPA: A-39004          marcel at xcllnt.net

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