DTRACE build failure (/usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpthread)

Kip Macy kmacy at fsmware.com
Wed Aug 2 21:03:44 UTC 2006

sun4u is a dead architecture. Signals are broken with KSE on a
tightly coupled SMP so sun4v doesn't even have KSE in the tree.
Unless someone steps up to fix KSE "will not work" is more correct.

On Wed, 2 Aug 2006, Daniel Eischen wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Aug 2006, John Birrell wrote:
> > On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 04:05:24PM +0200, Tobias Gro?er wrote:
> >>
> >> Unfortunally I am not able to finish the build because it always breaks
> >> in /usr/src/cddl/usr.bin/ctfconvert with this ld-error:
> >> /usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpthread
> >
> > Sorry. At the moment the dtrace project has an experimental implementation of
> > threads merged into libc and you need to enable this by adding WITH_LIBC_THREADS=1
> > to /etc/make.conf. Then it will build.
> >
> > Also, since the KSE code in the kernel doesn't handle signals properly in a
> > many-cpu system, in order to make progress on sun4v, the KSE code has been
> > removed. We really need to try to make it a kernel option so that we can compare
> > the thread implementations. Making KSE a kernel option is very messy, though.
> KSE doesn't yet work on sparc64, which is why libc_r and libthr are
> used for that platform.
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