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Fri Sep 30 01:06:37 PDT 2005

"Mikhail T." <mi at> wrote:

> There is something in the cvs log for dev/sounds/isa/mss.c:
> revision 1.100
> date: 2005/09/11 13:59:02;  author: netchild;  state: Exp;  lines: +5 -1
> Add some ad_wait_init() calls to fix some problems in some configs (e.g.
> PC98, CS4231A, "pcm0: play interrupt timeout").
> PR:             45682
> Submitted by:   Watanabe Kazuhiro <CQG00620 at>
> But I'm not sure, if that affects me, because I'm on 6.x and that commit,
> probably, was not MFC-ed yet...

It's not MFCed. And I don't intend to MFC any of the sound system changes,
except for small parts which fix showstoppers.

If you apply just the change between 1.99 and 1.100 to RELENG_6, does it work
for you?


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