Problems with Acer Travelmate & PC-Card interface

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> : I've cut out the relevant lines from my kernel configuration and
> : them.
> : I think, it's complete (for getting an ath(4) card via cardbus
> : running)...
> Not sure.  It looks like it should be good.

Maybe it reassures that it work with the lines on my viao N505X ;)

> : > You'll need to turn on pccard debugging.
> : 
> : How do I do this? In the sys/conf/NOTES there is nothing to find
> : pccard debugging, neither in pccard(4) nor in pccbb(4).
> Should be added.
> hw.pccard.cis_debug=1
> hw.pccard.debug=1
> hw.cbb.debug=1
> hw.cardbus.cis_debug=1
> hw.cardbus.debug=1
> should do the trick.

dmesg.boot is attached (having plugged the card on turning the machine
on). Adding after boot is more difficult because of the ACPI-Message

> : >  The bridge in your laptop is
> : > known to the driver (which surprises me!), but looks like it might
> : > TI6411-class (which should be in the tables, I'll double check).
> : 
> : I don't think so. It's detected as a generic cardbus (yenta
> : chipset. But if you want me to test sth. out - feel free to contact
> OK.  I'll investigate why it isn't picking things up.

Thank you very much.

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