To compare hostap-client mode and adhoc's mode on Atheros cards.

Daniel Dvorak dandee at
Thu Sep 29 16:21:13 PDT 2005

Hello all,

who use wireless stuff of FreeBSD and others. :)

Have you tested and compared the infrastructure mode and the adhoc mode
anybody ?

We have 2 servers with 681 m distance. Wireless signal is about avg. RSSI
20-22 on both site.

We use on one site hostap and on the second site client, of course. Rate is
a sample rate.

The maximum bandwidth is about 1,2 MB/s in one direction.


If we switch cards to adhoc mode on both site the speed is 10 times slower.
Nothing else has changed.

Has anybody come accross with it in the past or nowadays ?

Thank you for your attention.


P.S.: Of cource, I could provide more information if it is needed.

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ath_rate_sample is the only one to use.  It's still got some issues (John
did some fixes that are in the Linux version that I haven't backported yet)
but outperfoms the others hands down.

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