ATA/DMA problem after reboot

Anish Mistry mistry.7 at
Wed Sep 28 12:26:55 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 03:03 pm, Jeremie Le Hen wrote:
> Hi list,
> one of my boxes running FreeBSD 6.0-BETA5 experiences the problem
> described below.  I must add that this box never ran something else
> than FreeBSD, and I've been seeing this since the beginning, back
> to FreeBSD 5.x.
Have you updated to the lastest RELENG_6?  I had a problem with a 
system I just installed last night where the 6.0-BETA5 iso wouldn't 
detect the acd0 drive and various other ata issues, so I installed 
5.3 and cvsup'ed to the latest RELENG_6 and it worked fine.  I also 
disabled APIC in the BIOS, but I'm not sure if that did anything.

Anish Mistry
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