user changable brightness? [Was: Re: acpi_sony - no powerd, no man page!]

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Sep 27 08:02:05 PDT 2005

Emanuel Strobl <Emanuel.strobl at> wrote:
 > But now I have the problem that a regular user can't change the brightness:
 > akima:~>6: sysctl -w dev.acpi_sony.0.brightness=5
 > dev.acpi_sony.0.brightness: 7
 > sysctl: dev.acpi_sony.0.brightness: Operation not permitted
 > Is there a tunable to allow regular users to write to dev. sysctls or even
 > better, a sysctl MIB security mask to assign "rights" to a specific MIB?

How about using "sudo" or "super" (from ports collection)?
Write a small script, so the user can simply type
"brightness 5" or whatever, and put it under sudo/super
control so it's executed as root.

(Just a suggestion.)

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