[releng_6] mpt(4) Memory modified after free panic

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Tue Sep 27 14:39:46 PDT 2005

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 11:31:03PM +0200, Pawel Worach wrote:
> On 9/27/05, Kris Kennaway <kris at obsecurity.org> wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 11:55:53PM +0200, Pawel Worach wrote:
> > > Trying to use a mpt controller with only one disk attached so it's not
> > > possible to configure a RAID-1 volume.
> > > Trying to boot 6.0-BETA1 install cd results in this panic. Should it
> > > possible to use a single disk behind an mpt(4) with the updated driver? This
> > > configuration works fine on 5.4.
> >
> > You should retry with 6.0-BETA5 - dozens of bugs have been fixed since
> > then.  If it persists, you should set up DEBUG_MEMGUARD to watch the
> > M_BUS malloc type..this requires some minor source file editing and a
> > kernel recompile (you can build it on e.g. 5.4).
> False alarm, BETA5 with WITNESS and INVARIANTS re-enabled works just fine.
> BETA1 was the only thing I had handy the first time and since mpt(4)
> was unchanged I thought it would still be broken, I'll try to think
> less next time :)
> For future reference, how do I get hold of the M_BUS malloc type in
> kern_malloc.c ?

grep for the MALLOC_DEFINE in some other file and remove the 'static'
keyword.  You may also need to MALLOC_DECLARE() it in kern_malloc.c if
it is not done so in a header already included in that file.

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