resume (from S3) not working on Sony Vaio [Was: Re: powerd (cpufreq) problems]

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.strobl at
Mon Sep 26 09:11:45 PDT 2005

Am Dienstag, 20. September 2005 13:40 CEST schrieb Bruno Ducrot:
> > Some questions left: Does cpufreq check for different drivers and
> > attach the next best which seems to fit?
> In theory yes.
> > Does the acpi_perf/ichss driver also adjust the core voltage according
> > to the frequency?
> Yes.  But not all of the frequencies you see will scale voltages,
> probably because you have acpi_throttle enabled it seems.
> > Thanks a lot, now I need someone to help me with my S3 suspend death
> > ;)
> Well, I'm supposed to help you there as well somehow, but I have to
> look a little bit deeper into FreeBSD acpi implementation.

Thanks a lot for your help. I waited to rebuild a new kernel after some pci 
powerdown changes were polished but it seems this is not relevant to my 
suspend/resume problem.
Again, with BETA5 fro mtoday I can successfully go into suspend mode but 
after repowering my laptop neither the hard disk nor the display wake up, 
just the power LED's. Unfortunately this Sony power connector isn't 
something common, so I can't just inject an adapter to see if anything at 
all wakes up by watching the current.
How can I provide more information?

Thanks for any help in advance!


> Cheers,
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