OpenSSL bugfix

Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Sep 26 07:34:44 PDT 2005

Looking at the commit logs, there has not been an update to openssl 
in some time (if its not broken, why 'fix' it) so I am not sure who 
to ask about it.  There is however, one somewhat critical bug that 
effects users who have the ACE padlock engine in their VIA CPUs. I 
filled out a PR ( 
with the details. The patch / fix is trivial and it has been in the 
OpenSSL cvs ( repo since 
April and is part of official release 0.9.8.  Any chance someone 
could commit the patch and perhaps MFC it so it makes it for 
6.0R?  Committing the patch would be a lot less work than a full 
import, and VIA C3/C7 users would then be able to make use of the 
super fast crypto.

Without the patch/fix, users will get sporadic encryption failures 
when using the padlock engine via openssl apps-- typically, using openvpn.


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