ifconfig ndis0 up scan hangs

Jayton Garnett jay at codegurus.org
Sun Sep 25 23:11:25 PDT 2005

Ben Kaduk wrote:

>Hi all -- this is just a preliminary report to check that I'm not trying to
>do something stupid before I put more effort into tracking this down:
>On a current from about two weeks ago, if I issue a:
># ifconfig ndis0 down
># ifconfig ndis0 up scan
>ifconfig will hang.
>I'm using a broadcom card (dell truemobile 1400), and I've had problems with
>this access point in the past -- windows only finds it about half the time,
>and I've only seen it show up once in FreeBSD, that being tonight. When I
>tried to associate with it and execute dhclient, though, my system hung hard
>(no caps lock) and I was in X, so no debugger either (last xconsole event
>was "ndis0: link down"). Since I can't see the AP anymore, I can't really
>repeat that, though.
>Am I trying to do something silly, does anyone care about this, or should I
>just let it slide and workaround?
>Ben Kaduk
Try get a newer version of the windows xp drivers if available and 
rebuild your if_ndis module with them, make sure you have use the
correct firmware file aswell (I had 3 .bin files to test and try).

If you know the ssid & wep key (if in use) then frun the ifconfig 
command like this:
# ifconfig ndis0 inet netmask ssid 
your_ssid_here  weptxkey XXX

Just change the inet/netmask/ssid/weptxkey  to the appropriate values 
for yourself.

One last thing... if you run ifconfig ndis0 what results do you get? 
both before and after anyother ifconfig commands.

Kind regards,
Jayton Garnett

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