soft updates / background fsck directory link count bug

Don Lewis truckman at
Sat Sep 24 14:23:16 PDT 2005

On 24 Sep, Tor Egge wrote:

>> Perhaps the dirrem should be put on the inowait list before the call to
>> ffs_truncate().
> If softdep_slowdown() returns a nonzero value then ffs_truncate() can call
> ffs_syncvnode() before di_size has been set to 0.  If the inodeblock is written
> due to fsync() operations on other inodes in the same inodeblock then the
> dirrem dependency would be moved to the global work list too early.

That's one of the subtle points in this code that I figured was likely
suprise me.

> Enclosed is a patch that forces an ffs_update() call from ufs_inactive() by
> setting the IN_CHANGE flag if i_effnlink is larger than 0 right before the call
> to vput().  An alternative is checking i_nlink instead of i_effnlink for faster
> rundown.

Relying on ufs_inactive() is probably the wrong thing to do because the
ufs_inactive() call can be deferred indefinitely if another process
holds a reference to the vnode.  This is sufficient to cause background
fsck to do the wrong thing even in the normal case.

scratch:dl 114#fsck -fp /dev/da0s2a
/dev/da0s2a: 407146 files, 2563556 used, 2881549 free (23605 frags, 357243 blocks, 0.4% fragmentation)
scratch:dl 115#mount /dev/da0s2a /mnt
scratch:dl 116#mkdir /mnt/tmp/a /mnt/tmp/a/b
scratch:dl 118#(cd /mnt/tmp/a/b && sleep 600) &
[1] 3770
scratch:dl 121#sync
scratch:dl 122#sleep 60
scratch:dl 123#fsck -fBp /dev/da0s2a
/dev/da0s2a: LINK COUNT DIR I=307824  OWNER=root MODE=40755
/dev/da0s2a: SIZE=512 MTIME=Sep 24 13:52 2005  COUNT 3 SHOULD BE 2 (ADJUSTED)
/dev/da0s2a: 407148 files, 2563557 used, 2881548 free (23604 frags, 357243 blocks, 0.4% fragmentation)
scratch:dl 124#wait
[1]    Done                          ( cd /mnt/tmp/a/b && sleep 600 )
scratch:dl 125#ls -lid /mnt/tmp/a
307824 drwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  512 Sep 24 13:52 /mnt/tmp/a


I think the cleanest fix would be for handle_workitem_remove() to
explicity call ffs_update().

Another subtle point is that ufs_inactive() calls
vn_write_suspend_wait() before calling UFS_UPDATE(), but I don't think
we want to call vn_write_suspend_wait() here.

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