Weird freeze w/ skype w/kde in current of last 10-15 days.

eculp at eculp at
Sat Sep 24 05:13:42 PDT 2005

This is a really strange problem that even I don't believe;)
I have  7.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #22: Fri Sep 23 05:39:20 CDT 2005
And when I start skype I get a hard lock.  No console message, no log 
messages, nothing.  I have to turn it off and back on.

The strange part involves the work arounds that are independient of one 
another that I have found:

Kernel compiled prior to around Sept. 9 works fine, zero problems with kde.
Current Kernel and using xdm in place of kde, works fine.

Now I try to keep my box clean of old libraries and did a portupgrade 
-Rruf of skype and kde with no changes and even that doesn't explain 
why an older kernel would work unless I had some old libraries around, 
I would assume and the working kernels aren't that old.

To make it even more unusual I have 4 other machines showing the same 
symptoms.  They are all AMD 32 bit w/ different motherboards and from 
256M to 2M in memory.  I don't have anything with an intel chip to test 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, I have no idea where else 
to look.



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