using bzip2 to compress man-pages

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Thu Sep 22 21:20:35 PDT 2005

Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Mikhail Teterin wrote:
>> Reducing reliance on GNU software remains an extra bonus...
> Certainly, there exists GNU software which makes me cringe, but gzip 
> isn't part of that group.  I suppose there's a preference for 
> BSD-licensed code rather than GPL'ed code, but I'd expect gzip and zlib 
> to be a part of FreeBSD for the foreseeable future...

Useful facts:

   * zlib is not GPLed.  The license is essentially a BSD license.

   * There are both GPL and non-GPL versions of gzip.  The
     non-GPL version is based on zlib; the GPL version uses
     its own separate compression/decompression code.
     I believe OpenBSD uses the non-GPL gzip.



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