using bzip2 to compress man-pages

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Changing the default format for manpages has serious bikeshed potential.
While adding support for reading/writing bz2 compressed manpages is
certainly useful, I doubt the benefit of switching to bzip2 compressed

There are several points to consider:

1. I dont want to wait for my manpages to display, they have to be on
screen instantanously.

2. "Desktops" and "Servers" have several GBs of space. No need to
further squeeze the manpages (heck, I'd even consider not compressing
them at all, but slight compression should even be faster than no
compression at all)

3. Embedded devices are low on disk space, ok. But a) you dont want to
install manpages to them. b) you certainly don't want to run bzip2 on
these machines.

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