amd64+gdb -- instant reboot (BETA5 and 4)

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Sep 21 23:36:24 PDT 2005

Mikhail T. wrote:
> Hi!
> I was trying to use gdb to debug a program (audio/timidity++) on
> my 6.0-BETA4.
> It would play fine, and then I'll interrupt it with Ctrl-C to enter the
> debugger. If I then try to exit the debugger, the whole system will
> reboot instantaniously.
> I sync-ed to today's sources (BETA5) and added WITNESS, WITNESS_KDB,
> does not imply INVARIANT_SUPPORT).
> With BETA5 the story is exactly the same -- instant reboot.
> Sometimes I can see two lines of debug messages (lock order reversal?)
> flushed on the console, but the machine reboots too quickly to read
> them beyond:
> 	1 ....................
> 	2 ....................
> Is this gdb misbehaviour a known problem? How can I have the system
> avoid rebooting? Crash-dumping is enabled, but does not take place :-(
> Is that because timidity uses threads, perhaps?
> Thanks!
> 	-mi

It's definitely not known.  Any chance you could hook up a serial
console to log the output.  It'll be pretty hard to debug otherwise.
Sounds like you're likely getting a triple fault.


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