Threading/KSE problem

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Sep 21 13:44:34 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 20 September 2005 02:55 pm, Daniel Eischen wrote:
> I don't think anyone thinks that.  But I prefer the old way.  If we're
> not properly keeping track of our ABI changes and what they affect,
> then let's work on that problem.  Symbol versioning isn't going to
> solve that for us anyways.

Yes, symbol versioning requires the same level of discipline as the more 
constrained library version number bumping.  If we have decided that our 
developers are too incompetent to properly bump library versions for ABI 
changes then they are also too incompetent to handle symbol versioning.  
Furthermore, even with the massive library bumps, we have still stuck our 
collective heads in the sand and ignored all the port library version 
numbers.  In theory they should all be bumped for 5 -> 6 as well.

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