watch: Snoop stopped due to tty close

Roger O. Svenning roger at
Wed Sep 21 12:03:51 PDT 2005

Whenever I try running watch on 6.0-beta4 I get the following:

root at dos ~# watch ttyp0
Snoop stopped due to tty close. Reconnecting.
Enter device name [ttyp0]:

Same goes for /dev/console which I had no problems attaching to in 4.11

The snoop device is loaded:

root at dos /tmp# kldload snp
kldload: can't load snp: File exists

There doesn't seem to be any snp entries in /dev/ but according to
google they should be created automatically?

Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?


Roger O. Svenning
Bodø - Norway

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