sparc64 if_bridge broken between BETA4 and BETA5

Peter van Dijk peter at
Wed Sep 21 10:23:46 PDT 2005


with 6.0-BETA4 (from september 10th) if_tap and if_bridge cooperate

After upgrading to BETA5 my machine panics seconds after I ifconfig
bridge0 up.. I tested if_tap independently and it is fine; if_bridge
panics without if_tap too.

The error message is along the lines of 'unaligned access'. I'm sorry
I don't have more information right now; my keyboard doesn't work in
the kernel debugger and my serial cable is not here.

Running a BETA5 kernel with the .ko from BETA4 produces the same

If anything else is needed, please ask; hints on getting my keyboard
working again (I seem to recall it worked with 5.3) are welcome too :)
I may have misplaced options in the general area of syscons..

Cheers, Peter
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