pccardc dumpcis - 0 slots found

Patrick Bowen pbowen at fastmail.fm
Tue Sep 20 14:40:53 PDT 2005

M. Warner Losh wrote:

>In message: <432F870D.2080302 at fastmail.fm>
>            Patrick Bowen <pbowen at fastmail.fm> writes:
>: I'm running -current on a Dell C600 with a GENERIC kernel, and am having 
>: no luck in dumping the CIS from the wi0 pccard (an SMC-2532W-B). I've 
>: had the same problem with 5.4#6 and 6.0BETA4.
>: sg1# pccardc dumpcis
>: 0 slots found
>This is expected.  pccardc dumpcis doesn't work, and likely will never
>work again.  It is part of the old pccard support.
>If you have current as of today, however, you can run 'pccard
>dumpcisfile /dev/pccard0.cis'.
>: When I remove the card I get the following;
>: taskqueue_drain with the following non-sleepable locks held:
>: exclusive sleep mutex wi0 (network driver) r = 0 (0xc1c0bb68) locked @ 
>: /usr/src/sys/dev/wi/if_wi.c:847
>: KDB: stack backtrace:
>: kdb_backtrace(1,c1b62650,c1b62400,c1ac1d00,d44dcc2c) at kdb_backtrace+0x29
>: witness_warn(5,0,c0862050,c1b62400,c1b62400) at witness_warn+0x18e
>: taskqueue_drain(c1ac1d00,c1b62650) at taskqueue_drain+0x1a
>: if_detach(c1b62400,c1b62400) at if_detach+0x1a
>: ether_ifdetach(c1b62400,0,c1c0b000,d44dcc94,c05e2590) at ether_ifdetach+0x3a
>: ieee80211_ifdetach(c1c0b004,c1b62400,c1b62400,0,c1bec700) at 
>: ieee80211_ifdetach+0x50
>: wi_detach(c1bec700) at wi_detach+0x64
>: device_detach(c1bec700) at device_detach+0x70
>: pccard_detach_card(c1af9e00) at pccard_detach_card+0x41
>: exca_removal(c1ac3004) at exca_removal+0x46
>: cbb_removal(c1ac3000) at cbb_removal+0x2c
>: cbb_event_thread(c1ac3000,d44dcd38,c1ac3000,c057cb24,0) at 
>: cbb_event_thread+0x9a
>: fork_exit(c057cb24,c1ac3000,d44dcd38) at fork_exit+0xa0
>: fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
>: --- trap 0x1, eip = 0, esp = 0xd44dcd6c, ebp = 0 ---
>: wi0: detached
>: ...which doesn't look like a good thing.
>It is likely a warning that can be ignored.
>: I'm wondering if there is some place in pccardd that is not recognizing 
>: the slots on this particular machine. If that were the case then it 
>: wouldn't be called when the card was removed, accounting (I think) for 
>: the lock error above.
>pccardd is deprecated and isn't needed.  It should just work.
>: Anyone have an idea of what's going on here? I'd be happy to try any 
>: patches anyone may have, or to provide more information if necessary. In 
>: the meantime, I'll keep looking into it.
>Other than not being able to dump the cis, what's the problem that you
>are having?
That was actually the only problem. It came up when I replied to a post 
from someone asking how to get an SMC card to work. You send a msg back 
to me asking me to run the 'pccardc dumpcis' command and send you the 
output. Since the 'pccardc ...' command didn't work, I got the info 
using Slackware Linux, which I've got on the second slice, and sent you 

In this thread I was essentially trying to provide info for the 'pccardc 
dumpcis' command, since it seemed to be broken in some way or another. 
But if it's deprecated, that's a whole 'nother story.

My -current is about a week old, so I cvsup'ed another just now. I'll 
rebuild everything and try the command you suggested.

Thanks for your quick reply,

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