serial ttys broken?

othermark atkin901 at
Tue Sep 20 07:30:46 PDT 2005

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <20050920110023.GA468 at>, Ruslan Ermilov writes:
>>I have the following issues with serial on today's -CURRENT:
> Hmm, my box runs just as fine as always with serial console.
>>2) If booted with -h, as most people are doing, but without
>>   the recently added -S option to boot2, serial console
>>   works in 9600 bps as advertised, but despite std.9600 in
>>   /etc/ttys, the speed is set to 115200.
>>My configuration is pretty much GENERIC.  Rumors are that these
>>issues aren't new.
> This is the first I hear about them...
> I won't have time to look at it for the next several weeks
> (unless it happens on my machine and forces me to handle it).

I probably should have piped up on -current, but yes, serial console is
'different' after the recent changes went into the boot loader.

-P  in /boot.config and the following in /etc/make.conf


used to be enough for my boxes to work, but now (of course, only after a
installworld for the bootloader) the following in /boot/loader.conf


seems to be required for serial console to work.
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