Fatal trap 18 (moused)

bob self bobself at charter.net
Tue Sep 20 05:49:14 PDT 2005

Well, I had the internal compiler error on machine 1. Most people 
thought that it was a hardware problem.
HOWEVER, as I said before, it blew up on exactly the same line of code. 
So I thought I'd solve my problems
and install 6.0 beta 4 on a different machine. Now I've had this problem 
twice. What is this? The mouse drive
dividing by zero? So far FreeBSD 6.0 has not been usable on two 
different machines. When will 6.0 NON-BETA
be available?

Fatal trap 18: integer divide fault while in kernel mode
cpuid = 0; acic id = 00
ip = 0x20:0xc07cd54c
current process (moused)
stopped at set_mouse_pos + 0x108   idivl 0x6c(%ecx) %eax


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