Several ACPI problems on vaio notebook [Was: powerd (cpufreq) problems]

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.strobl at
Mon Sep 19 13:13:16 PDT 2005

Am Freitag, 16. September 2005 21:17 CEST schrieb Emanuel Strobl:
> Hello,
> I noticed that whenever my notebook (VAIO SRX41p, BETA4) crashed, powerd
> prints the following error after reboot:
> acpi_perf0: Px transition to 500 failed
> acpi_perf0: set freq failed, err 6
> I can't solve that state, no shutdown/reboot will fix it. _But_, if I
> boot XP and reboot everything is fine again.
> I don't have problems if I do a clean shutdown and reboot FreeBSD.
> There seems to be something in an invalid state while powerd is running
> which powerd corrects at exit.
> Can I provide any useful info to get this fixed? I'm not planning to
> leave XP on that machine just because I need it to "reset" cpufreq
> related stuff ;)

The problem itself is described correctly but it doesn't only occur after 
crashes, I also can't use powerd after normal startups. I can't determine 
a pattern when the problem occurs, it seems to occur after the notebook 
was powered down for some hours... Like I wrote in the original mail, only 
starting XP solves this.

Additionally acpiconf -s3 doesn't work.
The system goes down and I see the suspend-LED blinking but after switching 
on it doesn't wake up. The LCD backlight stays off and also the harddrive 
doesn't start. Only the usual power LED is on.

I'd love to have FreeBSD on my notebook, at the moment I could do tests if 
somebody has an ide what could be wrong.


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