FreeBSD6.0 BETA5

Søren Schmidt sos at
Mon Sep 19 00:42:13 PDT 2005

Michael C. Shultz wrote:
> Hi, for the first time  FreeBSD 6.0 recognizes my SATA drives, yippie!  
> Yesterday's 6.0BETA4 would not initialize ad4 and ad6 would freeze up under 
> moderate  writes so whatever changed between BETA4 and BETA5 has been a real 
> improvement.

There has been no real ATA changes between 4 and 5..
> Under FreeBSD5.4 both drives always initialize just fine,  but even after this 
> new BETA5 I stille have to boot the machine multiple times before both drives 
> initialize, usually just one or the other will.  Also dmesg  is still showing 
> some sort of error "ata2: FAILURE -  oversized DMA transfer attempt 8704 > 
> 7680".

The oversized DMA diag is  because ataraid does not limit its write 
size, and that I'm looking into..

> FreeBSD 6.0-BETA5 FreeBSD 6.0-BETA5 #2: Sun Sep 18 
> 14:40:15 PDT 2005     
> root at  i386
> Drive ad6 still locks up with moderate writes and freezes the entire system 
> under BETA5

You should try -current where I have committed substantial updates to 
the timeout code that might help you when the failure happens.
The timeouts and datacorruption on the SiI3112 can only be solved 100% 
by throwing it out and substituting it with a real SATA controller...



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