HEADS UP: call for nve(4) users to test a patch

jason jason at ec.rr.com
Sun Sep 18 22:34:01 PDT 2005

alan bryan wrote:

>Just a followup after a few days to confirm that I'm
>still seeing the same thing - it now goes to "63" and
>then networking (nve) dies - it does this about every
>12 hours or so on my desktop machine with normal web
>browsing as the main thing using networking. Is there
>any way short of a reboot to "reset" the nve or am I
>stuck rebooting this machine every 12 hours or so? 
>Is there anything else that may work or anything else
>you want to try? If not I'll have to find some other
>network card as this rebooting is getting old fast.
>Thanks again for trying!

If you do not compile nve into the kernel load it as a module.  You 
could then write a script to reload nve every 11 or 10 hours.

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