iwi lockup problem on 6.0-BETA4

Christian Laursen xi at borderworlds.dk
Sun Sep 18 01:03:34 PDT 2005

I am having a problem using the iwi driver on my laptop.

Basically I would normally setup the network with this command:
ifconfig iwi0 inet netmask ssid borderworlds mode 11g channel 3

but that makes the laptop freeze and a hard reset is the only way to
get it back to life.

By experimenting a little I found that this sequence of commands works:

ifconfig iwi0 inet netmask
sleep 5
ifconfig iwi0 ssid borderworlds
sleep 5
ifconfig iwi0 mode 11g
sleep 5
ifconfig iwi0 channel 3

I tried sleep 1 at first but that made the laptop freeze after setting
mode 11g.

By enabling the software watchdog I can make it panic instead of
freezing, but the backtrace I get from the dump looks useless (at least
to me).

The dmesg is at http://borderworlds.dk/~xi/andorian.dmesg
The trace is at http://borderworlds.dk/~xi/andorian.trace

I am not sure how to further debug this so any help would be

I will try the latest RELENG_6 next and see if it makes any difference.

Christian Laursen

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