low(er) disk performance with sched_4bsd then with sched_ule

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Fri Sep 16 09:49:15 PDT 2005

Joseph Koshy wrote:

> I'm just not able to reproduce this kind of skewed
> profile on -current on a uniprocessor amd64 and
> on a P4 HT machine.

I remember that when I tried w/o SMP it was much faster with 4bsd then it
was with SMP (4BSd-UP was about the same as ULE with SMP). That was the
point why I tried SMP with ULE - because I hoped to get the performance
back I lost with switching from UP to SMP with 4BSD.

> Just as an off-chance: how upto-date is your kernel?  In 
> particular, do you have the following fix: 
> "sys/vm/vm_pager.c:"
>  revision

I've 1.105 - I'll cvsup my 6_RELENG and report back if anything changed.

 Oliver Lehmann

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