slow console caused by powerd usage (1024x768)

Gordon Bergling gbergling at
Thu Sep 15 14:01:31 PDT 2005


I wondered why my console is something slow on 6.0-BETAx and I played a
little bit with my setup and discovered that powerd slows down the

After killing the process the console seems to be a lot snappier.

I run the powerd on a IBM Thinkpad T22 with a 900 MHz PIII.

I could unterstand if the powerd lower the clockrate while the notebook
isn't connected to a AC line, but it doesn't matter wether I connect
the notebook to the AC line or battery usage.

I have looked at hw.clockrate and while connected to the AC line the
clockrate isn't changed. Thats okay, I think. ;)

But, whats makes me wonder, is that the console is soo slow on the
notebook while running powerd and connected to AC.

Has anyone discovered the same, or has someone an idea on how to fix

best regards,


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