3com wireless pccard

Bachilo Dmitry root at solink.ru
Thu Sep 15 03:35:18 PDT 2005


I am having a problem with my 3com card. On my 5.4 i had to compile NDIS 
drivers using original Windows XP drivers presented on drivers disk included 
in this 3Com wirless device box. And it worked fine.

Now the system still compiles with device ndis and options NDISAPI but it 
writes cardbus0: <network, ethernet> at device 0.0 (no driver attached) 
instead of creating ndis0 device. 

By the way device ath and device ath_hal do not compile since 5.4, but that's 
other story, because this driver actually does not suppord my NIC.

Did I miss something about ndis in 6.0-CURRENT or do i do something wrong? 

Best regards, Bachilo Dmitry.

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