Xorg core dump ! FreeBSD 6.0 Beta4

Nikolay Kalev nkalev at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 01:12:04 PDT 2005

Marian Hettwer wrote:

> Hi,
> Nikolay Kalev wrote:
>> i get a core dump from X after update to freebsd 6.0 beta4
>> here is the backtrace info :
> Just a quick guess, since you updated to 6.0-BETA4... did you 
> recompiled your ports ? Somewhere around BETA3 (or was it BETA2) it 
> was necessary to recompile all ports, due to a update of shared 
> libraries of the base system...
> snip from /usr/ports/UPDATING
> 20050722:
>   AFFECTS: All RELENG_6 and HEAD users of ports/packages, maintainers
>            of ports that interact with the compat libraries.
>   AUTHOR: kensmith at FreeBSD.org
>   The shared library version number of all shared libraries built as
>   part of the baseline system has been incremented in both RELENG_6
>   and HEAD.  The overall goal is to make handling of the compat library
>   infrastructure easier.  Each new release branch will have different
>   version numbers for all of the shared libraries and the compat ports
>   can simply include all of the shared libraries from the previous
>   release.
>   If you update your system using normal cvsup/rebuild/reinstall
>   mechanisms the old versions of the libraries will still be on your
>   system so your old ports executables will continue to work.
>   But you definitely should plan on recompiling and reinstalling all
>   of your installed ports so they get relinked against the new libraries.
>   If you don't take this step as time goes on "normal" updates and
>   installs run the risk of having executables relying on both the new
>   and old versions of the libraries which would cause big problems.
>   It will take some time for the pre-built packages available on the
>   FTP mirror sites to be rebuilt against the new libraries.  If you
>   want to update your ports using the pre-built packages watch the
>   mailing lists for when the rebuilt packages become available.
> Dunno wether you've done it :)
> HTH,
> Marian
This could be the problem i didn;t do a recompilation of Xorg when 
moving from beta3 to beta4.
Thanks for the advice !

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